Monday, September 3, 2012

Kathy Kuhn Wants To Know: What's In Your Kitchen?

by Jas Faulkner 

"My initial inspiration was the old timey saying waste not, 
want not, but after reading a lot of different articles and 
doing some internet research on green living,  I found that 
the new way of saying an old adage was: 
Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.”    
                                                                         -Kathy Kuhn

For most households, living a greener life starts with what goes into 
the pantry and on the table. Finding items that are eco-friendly and easily 
integrated into the day to day goings on in a household can be a challenge.  
Kathy Kuhn saw such a need was going unanswered, and this was one 
of the motivators behind the creation of her company, Green 24-7

At the same time, she wanted to echo the economy and frugality 
that makes the green movement not only a smart choice in the global 
sense but a wise way to manage a household on a very local level. 
The magical "Three R's" play a big role in the ethos behind Green 24-7.

"In times like these implementing the three “R’s” into 
our every day routine not only saves money and promotes efficiency 
in running the household, but also gives us a clear conscience in 
knowing that we are making a difference in helping to promote a 
sustainable lifestyle for the generations to come."  

A visit to the Green24-7 tent is a chance to see cutting-edge products that 
make recycling, composting and implementing smaller changes that add up 
when it comes to reducing your individual carbon footprint so much easier.  
Kuhn does her research to  to see that her products are as green in their origins 
as they will be in their use. Most are created from recycled or recyclable 
materials so eco-minded customers can buy with confidence.  

Kuhn hopes that a taste of the smaller successes in going green will inspire 
people to take bigger steps towards adopting more sustainable households.  
Her goal is "to reach the average American family and business in their day to 
day routine.  Small changes have big outcomes when more and more people 
continue to live responsibly."

What three things does she think we can do to  make Nashville a cleaner, 
greener placeto live?  

"Recycle, Reduce (waste) and Reuse.  
We cannot continue to throw everything into a 
giant trash can and buy new."

With attitudes changing, ENFM Blog asked Ms Kuhn what she sees that makes
her feel hopeful about the future of Nashville as an eco-friendly city.

"Many people are into recycling and most are open 
to the fact that they know they must 
begin to do so.  It is easy and it is simply routine.  
If you have a compartment or bin to 
put recycleable items in, your household or business 
stays organized and is acting 
responsibly.  It is the least we all can do and 
it's not cool to ignore its importance."

Want more information about Green 24-7?
visit Kathy Kuhn's website at:
or drop by her booth at 
East Nashville Farmers Market!

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